Felt + Leather = Awesome.

Posted on January 14, 2011 in Accessories.

I just purchased the new 13″ Macbook Air (b-t-dub, unbelievable machine) and wanted a sleeve to protect it from my abuse. I cannot stand bland (black) neoprene sleeves, or really anything from the Apple Store. Frankly, nowadays I find it a bit overwhelming just walking into an Apple Store. So, I was on the lookout for something unique and cool (even if the only people who will ever see my sleeve are TSA employees). I searched all over and finally stumbled upon Byrd and Belle’s Etsy shop. They are making some really cool protective accessory sleeves out of felted wool and leather. The combination and execution is one of those odd looks that can be simultaneously decidedly masculine and feminine (don’t ask me how).

For added cool, you can customize your sleeve using different felt and leather colors, so I opted for tan leather with their gunmetal felt. I also asked Angie to add the straps that are present in their Macbook Pro sleeves onto mine. After two weeks, I just received my new sleeve. Flippin’ love it.

Their shop has sleeves for other Mac products (man, wish I had purchased her iPad sleeve as opposed to my Dodocase). Below are examples of their iPad and iPhone sleeves.

Photo Credit: Byrd and Belle.

Photo Credit: Byrd and Belle.

Felt + leather has become increasingly popular these days, but Byrd and Belle’s prices are surprisingly reasonable for handmade items, so check them out.

3 Responses to “Felt + Leather = Awesome.”

  1. Ward says:

    Bags and cases, that’s something I can get really excited about. There’s a ton of awesome stuff on Etsy. I thought these bags from Stash looked awesome:


    I’m also looking for an excuse to have one of my favorite old t-shirts turned into a laptop sleeve through this site:


    Love the leather and felt combo, though. Glad to hear you like your Air—with the improvements they’ve made to this most recent generation, they’ll definitely be something I consider when I need a new laptop.

    I’m surprised to hear you got an iPad—didn’t you tell me you didn’t really want one?

  2. CYH says:

    Yeah, the Stash bags are cool. I’m keeping with my trusty Timbuk2 for more casual occasions and my two briefcases for work functions. Totally in love with briefcases.

    I did initially say I didn’t want the laptop. Maybe that was me convincing myself to not get one. But I broke down and purchased one because I was doing so much non-work traveling. It’s perfect. The Dodo Case is definitely great for traveling, but for everyday use I think I’d go with one of the sleeves that Byrd & Belle has. Mostly, because I really like to use my iPad naked without any casing around it (you know I’m very anti-cases on my electronics).

  3. Ward says:

    I support iPad nudity. That’s why I just have a sleeve for mine, for when it leaves the house.

    iPad’s definitely great for travel. I don’t pack my laptop anymore.

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