J&M Fall Preview.

Posted on August 5, 2009 in Accessories, Fall.

Since I used a Johnston & Murphy offering as a punching bag in my post on shirts, despite actually liking some of their stuff, I’ve decided to quickly highlight some of their more stylish offerings in their just released Fall preview.

Which reminds me, I completely don’t understand the lack of consideration of geography when large companies roll-out their seasonal lines. For instance, in the south it is HOT. It doesn’t matter that we’re into August, naughty bits are still sticking together (thank God for Gold Bond). And, it will remain hot into September and October. Nobody wants to be looking at sweaters, tweed, and layering when it’s blistering out. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to keep selling hot-weather clothing well into September in the South as opposed to advertising $25 wool v-neck sweaters?

Regardless, it’s not a horrible idea to be looking ahead as long as it doesn’t involve wool (just the thought makes me cringe). So, here are two things that I particularly liked from the recent J&M release.

Photo credit: Johnston & Murphy.

Photo credit: Johnston & Murphy.

These boots are very cool. I like the rustic footwear paired with a modern outfit look a lot. It spikes the outfit with a good dose of man character. The combination leather and rubber soles is also a great touch.

Photo credit: Johnston & Murphy.

Photo credit: Johnston & Murphy.

I also really liked this cool carry on bag, which are always a tough thing to buy for guys. They’re either horribly unstylish and cheap looking, or really really feminine. I’ll post more on this later, but I think the vintage look is a good direction to travel in. This carry-on is both stylish, masculine, and full of character.

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