Body Type


Black Lapel vs. Indochino

Brief comparison between Black Lapel and Indochino custom tailored clothing.


Trouser Love for the Big Fellas.

Trouser selections for the big and tall guy.


Fit Lesson 7: Ties.

If you couldn’t tell I love ties; there’s just something about them. Whether paired with jeans or a suit, I love the contrast that that little bit of color affords. It’s arguably the most masculine article of clothing you can wear regularly (spurs don’t count). And as a man’s style should be generally subtle, the…Read the Rest


Fit Lesson 6: Suits & Sport coats.

Fit rules for purchasing a suit are covered, such as: shoulder width, proper buttoning procedure, sleeve length, and torso shape. Tips for particular body types are also highlighted.


Fit Lesson 4: Shorts.

I omitted shorts from my fit guide on pants, but that isn’t because they are unimportant, or that guys wear them correctly, it’s because they belong in a class all to themselves. Just like shoes, guys typically don’t put that much thought into a pair of shorts. They check to make sure they fit in…Read the Rest


Fit Lesson 1: Shirts.

For Lesson 1 I’m going to borrow an image from the most recent Johnston & Murphy catalog to help punctuate my point about how a shirt should fit (for now, ignore the ugliness of the shirt). Now, this isn’t me bashing J&M. I actually think some of their shoes are fantastic. But, their clothing line…Read the Rest


A Primer on the Importance of Fit

The way that your clothes fit on your body is probably the single most important, yet easiest aspect of your wardrobe to change. You can have the most expensive clothing in the world, and still look like a scrub if the clothes don’t fit your body properly. Most guys wear clothing that are too big,…Read the Rest