I’ll Take Potpourri for a 1000 – The Rest of the Gift Guide.

As promised, here is the remainder of the gift guide. And not a moment too soon, with only 6 more shopping days left. So get on it fellas. In honor of the lack of time, here are the remaining gift ideas, in easy-to-digest (unlike my 1/2 lbs burger I just hoovered) list format. Techie/Design Gifts…Read the Rest


Gift Guide – Jewelry.

Yesterday we covered clothing, and so now we move onto the accessory that needs a post all to itself: jewelry. Yes, women like jewelry because it tends to sparkle, but I’m informed that there are more sentimental reasons that aren’t also shared in common with a cat: they like jewelry from you because it can…Read the Rest


Give the Gift of Awesome.

As I get older, it seems that the time available for Christmas shopping gets shorter and shorter, while gifts get more complicated. There just isn’t enough time to sift through all the offerings, while coming up with a gift that is both thoughtful and unique. PG, after polling some fashionable, in-the-know ladies, has put together…Read the Rest


Get Groomed Part II.

Make sure you fingernails are clean and trim. Long & dirty fingernails are just plain gross. Whomever you’re attempting to attract sure as heck doesn’t want to see your Sabretooth claws. This should be a regular post-shower routine, so if it isn’t part of the rotation throw it in there now. At the very least,…Read the Rest


Why You Should Care.

Style. For most guys it’s a dirty word. I’ve been called gay so many times by my buddies that it might as well be my nickname (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Those who are concerned with their style conjures images of effete, limp-wristed guys. But where does that come from? We like style…Read the Rest