I’ll Take Potpourri for a 1000 – The Rest of the Gift Guide.

As promised, here is the remainder of the gift guide. And not a moment too soon, with only 6 more shopping days left. So get on it fellas. In honor of the lack of time, here are the remaining gift ideas, in easy-to-digest (unlike my 1/2 lbs burger I just hoovered) list format. Techie/Design Gifts…Read the Rest


Get Groomed.

Opt for a quality salon haircut as opposed to a Quickie Haircutter.


Fit Lesson 5: Swimwear.

Yes, gentleman, you need to be concerned with what you wear swimming. I know, it’s a tough world. But, here at PG, we believe that a modern man (that is what you’re becoming, isn’t it?) should leave no stylistic stone unturned. Every aspect of what you put on your body should be scrutinized to ensure…Read the Rest


A Primer on the Importance of Fit

The way that your clothes fit on your body is probably the single most important, yet easiest aspect of your wardrobe to change. You can have the most expensive clothing in the world, and still look like a scrub if the clothes don’t fit your body properly. Most guys wear clothing that are too big,…Read the Rest