How To Dress For Work

You spend most of your life at work. Here’s how to make the most of it.


Subtly Awesome – Interview Attire.

Having just completed a couple of rounds of interviews, I thought I’d do a quick post on proper attire. Conventional wisdom here is to dress for one level above the job that you want. This can be tricky though, so really tailor it to the job/firm that you’re applying to. This was brought up in…Read the Rest


Power Jeans.

Reader Ward clued me in on this article from the Wall Street Journal about the acceptability of jeans in previously unlikely places, like the White House. It’s an interesting read though don’t form any conclusions based on the pictures. Photos of Nicolas Sarkozy in stone washed Levi’s, Medvedev in decent jeans but an ill-fitting sport…Read the Rest


Down to Business Part I.

Again, muchos apologies for the intermittent posting, but I’ll strive to continue to keep up a few posts a week while I balance my day job, drinking, drama, and darts. It’s much belated, but I’ll begin once again to highlight particular outfit ideas. Rather than for going out, these will be targeted for wearing to…Read the Rest


Shed the Business Casual Uniform.

I recently drove through downtown during lunch time and it was like a rally for Office Max workers on the streets. I saw so many pleated khaki pants, blue button downs, and white undershirts that I wanted to stop and ask if somebody could help me with my printer cartridge. When it comes to business…Read the Rest


Fit Lesson 7: Ties.

If you couldn’t tell I love ties; there’s just something about them. Whether paired with jeans or a suit, I love the contrast that that little bit of color affords. It’s arguably the most masculine article of clothing you can wear regularly (spurs don’t count). And as a man’s style should be generally subtle, the…Read the Rest


Tie One On.

Here’s a classic article I read about a year ago, and still love, about the importance of the necktie. It was penned by Ben Stein for Father’s Day 2008 in response to an article he had read in the Wall Street Journal. It’s a great read, and something I wholeheartedly agree with, even though I…Read the Rest