Need help putting together that perfect outfit? Here are some older posts that chronicle how you can create an awesome outfit by walking into any mall in the US. The process is simple and timeless.


Cool It – Dressing for Fall & Winter.

Primer for men on dressing for colder months. Topics include color palette choice and textures.


Pick-a-Outfit: JCrew Part III.

I’ve been struggling with putting together the last outfit from JCrew. It’s supposed to be the dressiest outfit, which is an issue because JCrew has moved to the more casual/traditional end of the style spectrum. They execute this particular brand of style very well, but it’s also not a polished and shiny look (unless you…Read the Rest


Pick-a-Outfit: JCrew Part II.

For the second outfit in this series, I’ve focused on something slightly more trendy than yesterday’s ensemble. The corresponding outfit from Banana was a simple pair of clean jeans and a button down shirt. We’ll go with something along the same lines, but throw in a tie, just to show you more ways to spruce…Read the Rest


Pick-a-Outfit: JCrew Edition Part I.

Last week I targeted Banana Republic for my outfit selections, so this week I’m moving on to the next mass market retailer: JCrew. The problem that I foresee with a JCrew-centric outfit is whittling down the myriad of possibilities (I’m a very big fan of their stuff). I don’t think any other mass market store…Read the Rest


Pick-a-Outfit: BR Part III.

The previous parts of this series tackled a casual night out, followed by a slightly dressier occasion. Today will be selecting an outfit for a trendy club/lounge or a nice restaurant. Here is your chance to show a little bit of your style. Previously, it’s been a bit more subtle, yet the outfits maintained a…Read the Rest


Pick-a-Outfit: BR Part II.

*Note: I’m not sure if this got published, because of the aforementioned deleting of the posts (dumb). If so, sorry for the reposting. Last time I chose an outfit for a casual bar/lounge, where the motivation was to look effortlessly cool. Now we’ll ratchet up the trendiness factor just a tad. The outfit below was…Read the Rest


Pick-a-Outfit: BR Edition.

*Note: sorry for the repost; I somehow managed to delete the two most recent posts. An on-going series for PR will be a virtual version of PR’s personalized services. I’ll put together outfits for different occasions, all from the same store (I’m making it easy for you). I’ll work within a budget of about $250.…Read the Rest