Style Theory


Cool It – Dressing for Fall & Winter.

Primer for men on dressing for colder months. Topics include color palette choice and textures.


Don’t Do It: The Neckerchief.

Why American men shouldn’t wear a neckerchief *shudder*.


Chinos, I’m Quitting You.

My February Resolution? I’m done with chinos. I’ve said it before, but this time I mean it. I’m going to stop trying to make them look cool, and stop forcing myself into believing I can make them work. It’s just too hard. I made the decision this morning as I was browsing through M+O’s new…Read the Rest


Power Jeans.

Reader Ward clued me in on this article from the Wall Street Journal about the acceptability of jeans in previously unlikely places, like the White House. It’s an interesting read though don’t form any conclusions based on the pictures. Photos of Nicolas Sarkozy in stone washed Levi’s, Medvedev in decent jeans but an ill-fitting sport…Read the Rest


Shed the Business Casual Uniform.

I recently drove through downtown during lunch time and it was like a rally for Office Max workers on the streets. I saw so many pleated khaki pants, blue button downs, and white undershirts that I wanted to stop and ask if somebody could help me with my printer cartridge. When it comes to business…Read the Rest


Overdone: Jean Pocket Edition.

Just say no to overly elaborate jean pockets for men.


Get Groomed.

Opt for a quality salon haircut as opposed to a Quickie Haircutter.


Subtlety Be Thy Name.

I wanted this post to be a tantrum against Ed Hardy clothing, but I realized that’s like beating a dead, cliche, and ugly horse. So, instead I decided to target the fundamental aspect of what makes Ed Hardy-like clothes so unattractive – inauthenticity (unless, you’re a huge meathead with spiky bleached hair, cause I really…Read the Rest


Why You Should Care.

Style. For most guys it’s a dirty word. I’ve been called gay so many times by my buddies that it might as well be my nickname (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Those who are concerned with their style conjures images of effete, limp-wristed guys. But where does that come from? We like style…Read the Rest