Fall Jackets + Sale.

Posted on October 23, 2009 in Casual, Fall, Fit Lesson, Jackets, Outfit Ideas, Sales, Sport Coats.

Now that the weather in the South has finally turned towards Fall, it’s time to gear up for the best season(s) for guys to dress: Fall & Winter. The key, as mentioned before, is layering. Now that we don’t have to worry about pit sweat (yum) when we put on something more substantial than a tank top and flip-flops, we can pile on the coolness.

I was going to gradually build up the layering, from the inside layer out, but I got this sale in my inbox so I decided to go with an outside in approach.

Needless to say, your jacket is super important, as it is the piece that is most immediately evident. A mistake I commonly see guys make is to treat the jacket as a utility piece, one they throw on as a necessity and more often as an afterthought. This is the case even if they’ve got a nice outfit on underneath.

But, you have to pay attention to every detail. Your outerwear, like your shoes, are no exception.

The key is to not look billowy or bulky. As a disclaimer, this advice is for the Fall season for those locales where you actually have a Winter, and for Texans/Southerners where we really only have a Fall. This is because I know when it gets butt-freezing cold, you need to wear a topcoat and/or something with some serious down or fluff to it. But when it’s in the 40s/50s it’s OK to get by with sturdy outerwear and some layers.

Back to not looking like the Michelin Man. This will be difficult since PG espouses both layers and keeping a slim profile. However, it isn’t impossible. If the rest of your outfit is slim (shirt, sweater, undershirt), then putting a nice jacket on over it won’t add to the bulk. This is provided that the jacket has a modern cut. Generally, these coats allow for added bulk, but still maintain modern contours.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth reiterating. NO jackets with elastic bands. I was going to say unless you’re hitting the links, but even that isn’t acceptable.

A word on the fit: the closest thing that I’ve highlighted are suits and sport coats. Now, the rules are similar, there’s just more leeway. By now you should know to shun any type of clothing (even an overcoat) that is baggy and drapes on your body. That’s easy. I think the most common mistake with jackets are the sleeves being too long. You need not show 0.5″ of cuff, but you don’t want the sleeves to be hitting your knuckles. Again, your tailor can correct for this.

To all you frugal readers out there: go ahead and invest a decent amount of money in a couple good quality jackets (this means more than you’re typically comfortable with). The reason is that quality, timelessly stylish coats last, so the coin you drop on them now will pay off for a few seasons to come.

So, to truly start us off on the Fall season, here’s a great sale from M+O: 50% off outerwear, but it’s only for this weekend. Below are those that are PG-approved.

Prices below are sale prices.

Wool Utility Blazer ($110)

A more casual take on the wool blazer. It has a nice modern, slim silhouette, yet keeps it simple and non-fussy (it has zippers). The perfect missing link towards the sport coat and jeans look for those slightly skittish of taking that leap. It will feel like a normal wool coat, but it has a very clean and stylish look to it. And it has functional buttons at the cuffs! Something typically only higher-end coats have.

Photo credit: M+O.

Photo credit: M+O.

Twill Military Blazer ($95)

Another cool take on the typical blazer. This is made from cotton as opposed to wool, and has military-inspired pockets. This is more blazer-like than the previous jacket, but still looks at home with modern jeans.

Photo credit: M+O.

Photo credit: M+O.

Wool Military Blazer ($110)

The same cut as the blazer above, in a herringbone pattern wool. This means it will probably be a bit warmer, and gives off the cool traditional/professorial vibe that some (me) like.

Photo credit: M+O.

Photo credit: M+O.

Glen Plaid Cotton Blazer ($90)

This is a cool blazer, though I’m not sure it would be suitable in most places for Fall. It would have to be an unusually mild day in most places to wear this alone. It’s cotton and not fully lined, so it won’t provide too much by way of protection against the cold. Nonetheless, it’s a nice jacket in a cool pattern.

Photo credit: M+O.

Photo credit: M+O.

Twill Field Jacket ($60)

The most casual jacket in this list, but it doesn’t mean it’s bland. It’s got a nice fitted look to it, that will add style to any simple outfit.

Photo credit: M+O.

Photo credit: M+O.

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