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Posted on August 18, 2009 in Fit Lesson, Grooming, Houston, How to Wear a Sport Coat with Jeans., Popular, Style Theory.
Photo credit: (cc) jonjk.

Photo credit: (cc) jonjk.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was slow to jump on the quality haircut bandwagon. I was taught by my dad to actively seek out the cheapest haircut. Not too long ago I remember him beaming when he found a shop that charged only $4.99 for a cut. But, I suppose when you’re semi-retired, own land, shoot deer with BB guns, and generally do whatever the hell you feel like, you can get away with a haircut that costs the same as a fast food meal.

And so I thought the cheaper the haircut the better. I’d go to a Supercuts/City Cuts/Sport Clips type place, but only on Tuesdays when it was $5 off, because cheaper = manlier.

Then one day I realized that I value quality things. Be it clothing, shoes, cars, beer, cigars and food. I pay very close attention to how I dress when I go out, but I was leaving one hugely noticeable area untouched: a quality haircut. So, I made an appointment with a salon, and I’ve never looked back.

What is the biggest difference? Attention to detail.

At my Quickie Haircutter I’d spend about 10 minutes in the chair. At my new place I’m there for easily 3.5 times that. With that amount of time they’re able to actually cut the hair properly, paying attention to the idiosyncrasies of my hair and my style. No chop job here.

It’s the difference of paying $4 to get a car wash at a gas station, and going and spending the $15-20 to get it hand washed. It takes more time, but the job is done much better.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have very odd hair. It’s a cross between a horse’s mane and pubic hair (you’re jealous, I know). So, perhaps it was more important for me to get a professional job, though I have talked with several other guys and they echo my sentiments. Now, if you’ve got a simple haircut like a buzz, or just like it super short, then by all means go to a Quickie Haircutter.

But, for everyone else, if you’re reading this blog, I’d hope that you’re buying into the idea that guys should care. We should be unapologetic about looking good, in our own manly way. So, while you’re paying attention to what goes on your feet, look at the other pole, and give a good quality salon a test drive.

Incidentally, for you Houstonites, I go to Daniel at Elements Salon off Waugh. Having only had my haircut by attractive women (and one cross dresser), it took me awhile to get used to having my hair cut by a guy, but he really does good stuff. The haircut isn’t too terribly priced ($35) but that includes a free necktrim whenever you need it. Also, importantly the shop decor is gender-neutral so as to ease the transition into the salon world.

6 Responses to “Get Groomed.”

  1. Ward says:

    After my first “salon” cut, I realized that, yes, there’s a reason to pay 5-10 times as much as a typical haircut. You do get what you pay for. And I’m not just talking about being offered water/coffee/wine.

    If PG can plug someone, I’ll toss in a plug for Paul at Traci Scott. The man does great work. It’s perfectly reasonable to want your hair cut by a woman, but if you want a safe bet, ask a fashionable gay male who cuts his hair and book an appointment.

    Also, Paul used to be at Azur Salon, and I get the impression there are plenty of great people there, too; based on my experiences there I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. So one more plug there…

  2. AY says:

    I completely agree – the easiest thing to spot on a guy is a terrible haircut….

  3. s says:

    And why not say that women think bald men or balding men are sexy? I think so at least! I guess not ALL men need an expensive haircut?!

  4. CYH says:

    @S Good point, bald/balding men certainly don’t need an expensive haircut, as they can shave their heads at home.

    And to be clear, I did mention that if you have a short & simple haircut it’s probably best to go to a cheaper place, as it isn’t too difficult to cut. It’s those who have intermediate to long lengths of hair and/or those with weird types of hair that should go to a salon-type place.

  5. IPv6Freely says:

    Floyds99 barbershop if you have one. Best place ever. The full treatment: awesome cut, steamed towel shampoo w/ scalp massage, and even a straight razor shave if desired.

  6. cheap says:

    My local barber is 74 yrs old, I spend about 30 min in the chair, and get a straight razor shave on top of the haircut. Even uses the straight razor to trim my neck hairs and the hairs around my ears/sideburn area. Total cost $10. Cant beat it.

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