M+O Shop By Outfit: Fail.

Posted on August 26, 2009 in Fall, Tips.

In my inbox yesterday was Martin+OSA’s new Fall Shop by Outfit offering, and I thought *great* some new clothes to let the reader in on. Not so.

Most online shops have a similar feature of showcasing outfits, but it should be utilized more because frankly most guys are lazy. Especially when it comes to buying clothes. All they have to do is show you attractive complete ensembles, whereupon you can click and buy the entire outfit or individual pieces without thinking. It’s simple and easy.

While the idea is fantastic, it’s really predicated upon the clothing store actually showing you attractive outfits. The four particular outfits for men from M+O just look awful (while we’re at it, so does the women’s line). Which is odd, because I usually like the stuff that they carry. All this does is either a) confuse guys as to what looks good or b) perpetuates men dressing poorly.

So, I’ll highlight what makes these outfits fail, things that may be good, and a takeaway message. This also marks a gradual shift in PG, as we’ve covered most of the basic Fit Rules, so instead I’ll focus on more of the specifics regarding style and putting it all together.


Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

The Good
– Chambray shirt: these are a lightweight cotton shirt, that wrinkle well; very workwear-esque
– Sportcoat with jeans is a great look

The Bad
– The wash of the black jeans is not stylish; it’s more ’90s.
– The fit of the jeans is awkward: too high in the waist, too low in the crotch.
– Rolled up sport coat sleeves.
– The shoes in the outfit aren’t the shoes they’re selling.
– Tucked in shirt with jeans, and no belt.

Takeaway Lesson
– Buy a chambray shirt (you can get them at authentic workwear stores like Tractor Supply Company or Western Warehouse; look for the Wrangler ones). You can pair it with dark going out jeans, or worn in jeans. Don’t wear it with sneakers.
– If you’re going with the sportcoat and jeans look, make sure you keep the bottom half of your outfit clean and up to date.
– It’s OK to wear black jeans, make sure they fit better than this pair, with a wash that’s darker.


Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

The Good
– Sweater vest: a little nerd is good.
– The general feel of the outfit is very laidback cool, something that most guys strive for; it’s the combination of the sweater vest, worn in jeans, and cool distressed leather shoes.

The Bad
– Untucked shirt under a cardigan sweater vest looks sloppy. If it were a regular vest (no buttons), you could do the untucked look.
– This particular sweater vest is just plain ugly: stick to solids or something simple like thin horizontal stripes.
– If you’re going to roll your jeans, first think twice about it. If you still want to, then do it with a slimmer pair than this.
– The shoes on the model are way cooler than the ones they’re selling.

Takeaway Lesson
– This outfit would be perfectly acceptable, if they had a more attractive sweater vest, or made the top cleaner with respect to the more worn in bottoms


Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

The Good
– White shirt + dark jeans is always a good modern combination.

The Bad
– The large pockets on the jacket break up the otherwise clean silhouette of the piece.
– The wash of the jeans isn’t horrible, but I’d like to see a cleaner one than this that doesn’t have the whiskering near the pockets.
– The fit could be improved by wearing a pair with a slightly wider leg opening so the pants fall better over the boots.

Takeaway Lesson
– Sometimes less is more.
– Next time you go out, try a dark pair of modern fitting jeans, with a clean white button down (it can be wrinkly or crisp, both are equally cool). Pair with brown or black shoes.


Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

Photo credit: Martin+OSA.

The Good

The Bad
– Outfit looks like it’s straight out of the mid-90s.
– No cargo pants.
– No tapered pants (the leg opening is too small).
– No motorcycle boots, unless you actually ride.
– Leather jackets are difficult to pull off for most guys.

Takeaway Lesson
If you go with a leather jacket, make sure it’s cut super slim for a clean silhouette. Otherwise the look is way too dated.

2 Responses to “M+O Shop By Outfit: Fail.”

  1. Ward says:

    I think the leather jacket works OK. Always struck me as a style that’s held up well over the years. It’s hard for me to recall seeing someone in a leather jacket and not liking the look.

    Whiskers on jeans? Who decided it was a good idea? I have some pairs that I’ve bought in spite of this (cheap + lazy), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it and liked it.

  2. CYH says:

    I’m just not a fan of the leather jacket. I think it’s too dad-ish. Though, when I was 10 I had the coolest bomber jacket. I flippin’ loved that thing. Luckily this one doesn’t have the elastic band around the bottom, which I *really* don’t like (anymore).

    I think whiskers on denim just ends up looking (and feeling cheap). It’s one thing if you’ve broken them in and they’re authentic, it’s another if it’s done by a machine.