Sew Useful.

Posted on November 5, 2009 in Tips.

Commenter jc brought up a good point about the importance of a guy knowing how to sew on a button. At first I thought “I’m a man, I don’t sew. I kill things. With my fists.” Then I realized that it’s stupid to pay somebody to sew on a button when it’s a perfectly easy task for any guy to accomplish.

Just FYI: you will run into this problem frequently. I’ve noticed that the buttons on jackets and sport coats tend to fall off more often than any other article of clothing. And it’s always at an inconvenient time.

So, here’s your chance to channel your inner seamstress and learn how to get it done. This video clearly and quickly shows how to sew on a button (now I know what that flat metal thing is in the sewing kit I jacked from a hotel). I was amazed on how to properly tie the thread off. I had no idea.

My video uploading isn’t working, so here’s the link.

One Response to “Sew Useful.”

  1. jc says:

    so glad to see this! but you can skip that first step: if you are replacing or reattaching a button you will know exactly where it was located before it fell off (or in my roommate’s case, the dry cleaner has melted the buttons off…). no need to mark up the fabric.

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