How to Wear a Sport Coat with Jeans.

Wearing a sport coat with jeans is one of the easiest ways to look stylish. We’ve all seen one dude while we’re out who really pulls this off well. But, for every guy we see out who makes it look awesome, we’ve also seen two who look just awful. Something is off with the look, but you can’t pinpoint exactly why. He looks like he’s trying just a bit too hard. With the sport coat and jeans look, you really can pay a high price if any single piece in your ensemble is executed poorly. Here’s your quick guide for pulling off the look properly.


Pull It Off: Sport Coat & Jeans.

As Fall approaches (ever so slooooowly for us Texans), it’s time to look forward to the beginning of the most fun time for men’s style. Why? Because guys sweat, which means the amount of clothes that we can wear, and not melt, is exceedingly small. Whereas, once the temperature begins to drop slightly, we can…Read the Rest


Embrace the Wingtip.

How to wear the modern wingtip.


Get Groomed.

Opt for a quality salon haircut as opposed to a Quickie Haircutter.


Know Your Undershirt.

A little secret guys: your undershirt is important. This ranks as one of the most common complaints by women about a guy’s attire. I know you may be saying: “Pffft. Chicks are crazy. It’s just an undershirt. Why are they complaining?” And the simple answer is: because you can see it. Your undershirt should only…Read the Rest


Punch Up Your Shirts.

You know how a shirt should fit. Now, PG will gradually be about adding a bit more modern style into your wardrobe. So, here are a few shirt ideas based on what is stylish now. The easiest way is to stray from solids. That doesn’t mean that solids aren’t modern or that you shouldn’t wear…Read the Rest


Fit Lesson 3: Shoes.

Shoes are very important. Let’s be honest: walking around with the wrong pair of shoes and the right outfit makes you look like an idiot. It can completely kill an outfit. Here’s a mental image: you see a guy suited-up in the perfect suit, shirt and tie combo. Pants with the perfect break and width.…Read the Rest


Fit Lesson 2: Pants.

I’m consistently amazed as to how often guys neglect to wear pants that fit them properly. Ill-fitting pants may even beat out ugly shoes as the most common mistake made by guys. I’m curious as to if this is because most guys don’t own a full-length mirror and rely upon their bathroom mirror that only…Read the Rest


Fit Lesson 1: Shirts.

For Lesson 1 I’m going to borrow an image from the most recent Johnston & Murphy catalog to help punctuate my point about how a shirt should fit (for now, ignore the ugliness of the shirt). Now, this isn’t me bashing J&M. I actually think some of their shoes are fantastic. But, their clothing line…Read the Rest


A Primer on the Importance of Fit

The way that your clothes fit on your body is probably the single most important, yet easiest aspect of your wardrobe to change. You can have the most expensive clothing in the world, and still look like a scrub if the clothes don’t fit your body properly. Most guys wear clothing that are too big,…Read the Rest