Don’t Do It: The Neckerchief.

Posted on August 28, 2010 in Accessories, Style Theory, Tips.


Yes, it’s been awhile.

Call it a fashionable absence. Or lack of time and creativity (blegh).

But! I’m getting back into the swing of things.

I just came across this blog post by Kempt (great post, especially the last paragraph which sums up the motivation behind PG), in response to an article by Men’s Flair regarding Carey Grant and his love for a neckerchief in To Catch a Thief. This particular post really struck a cord, as I’ve been reading more and more about this bogus style phenomenon. Now, I’m not one to have style icons, but Carey Grant is about as close as it has come for me (him and Bond). However, this is a look that you just don’t want to duplicate.

Let me repeat. This look will not work for you.

It’s too effeminate. Lord, the name alone makes me cringe.

Yes, Italian men can pull it off. Yes, Italian men are consistently considered to be style gods. But, we’re American men. Our style is a no-nonsense blend of confidence and masculinity. The neckerchief does not fit this bill. All it does is introduce flair. Which, for most guys, isn’t a good thing. We don’t want flair in our outfits. We want style. We want masculinity. And we exude both of these things with a sense of controlled expression.

This isn’t to say you should be opposed to throwing in some punk into your outfit. I’m all for that. Nobody wants to look like a square. The difference is that the little dash of punk should still send the right message. Say it with your tie, color choice, socks, tshirt, or the fit of your clothes. Just don’t say it with a neckerchief.

2 Responses to “Don’t Do It: The Neckerchief.”

  1. Ward says:

    Good to see you haven’t abandoned this thing.

  2. NV says:

    Doesn’t Fred score your beloved Daphne though? Maybe you secretly love the neckerchief.