Pick-a-Outfit: JCrew Part II.

Posted on September 16, 2009 in Accessories, Casual, Denim, Fall, Outfit Ideas, Pants, Pick-a-Outfit, Shirts.

For the second outfit in this series, I’ve focused on something slightly more trendy than yesterday’s ensemble.

The corresponding outfit from Banana was a simple pair of clean jeans and a button down shirt. We’ll go with something along the same lines, but throw in a tie, just to show you more ways to spruce up an outfit.

Again, I’m going with plaid. I know I went with it for Banana, but it’s gradually becoming Fall (even in Texas it’s gotten cooler), so it’s time to fully embrace the pattern. The difference between this shirt and the previous one from Banana, is that the texture of this shirt will be less fine. These shirts from JCrew have a bit more worn-in, vintage feel to them, which puts in into the more casual realm.

Photo credit: JCrew.

Photo credit: JCrew.

Since, this outfit is designed for a nicer/trendier night out, we’ve got to contrast the casual feel given off by the shirt’s texture with something a bit nicer. So, I’ve chosen a cool wool tie to be paired with the shirt. It’s in the same color family (a grey), giving you a nice modern monochromatic look. Also, not everybody thinks to pair a tie with a plaid shirt, but it is a very cool look (just keep the tie on the solid side).

This tie is slimmer than your traditional business tie, but not pencil-thin. Just enough to add a little modern into your wardrobe. And the wool fabric is very cool and stylish.

Photo credit: JCrew.

Photo credit: JCrew.

The key to pulling this look off is to loosen your tie knot slightly, and unbutton your top button. I thought the latter rule would be self-evident, but apparently it’s not. I was out and saw a guy sporting a 3.25″ rep tie (that’s office width), loosened, with his top button buttoned, all of this with jeans. Don’t be that guy.

You also don’t want to loosen the tie too dramatically. Make sure the knot itself is still tight (with a thin tie like this I just go with a simple four in hand knot), with the circumference of the neck hole being just slightly larger than normal. You don’t want it too tight where it affects the way the top button of the shirt falls open, nor do you want it so loose that it droops there.

I chose a pair of bootcut denim with a slightly worn wash. For an occasion like this, you definitely want to go with dark denim, but it need not always be a blackish-wash or super clean. It all depends on what you’re pairing it with. And since we’ve got a casual shirt, a nice tie, and nice shoes (below), it’s ok to go with a slightly worn in jean, provided that the fit is still modern, and the jeans are clean.

I chose a bootcut as opposed to a straight leg, because the shoes below are more substantial than the sneakers from yesterday’s outfit. So the slight bit more width you gain in the leg opening, will allow the jean to fall over the shoe a little cleaner.

Photo credit: JCrew.

Photo credit: JCrew.

For some reason the Fall selection of JCrew shoes is a bit lacking on the dressier shoes, so my options were limited. However, it does let me go with my old favorite: the wingtip. Don’t be thrown off by the traditional roots of the shoe. Once paired with your modern outfit, the look definitely does not scream office.

Photo credit: JCrew.

Photo credit: JCrew.

Bottom Line
Shirt: $60
Tie: $60
Jeans: $96
Shoes: $165

Total: $381

Over budget again. Oh well, the outfit is the bee’s knees.

3 Responses to “Pick-a-Outfit: JCrew Part II.”

  1. jc says:

    love the tie with the plaid shirt, both seem to be slightly worn, so definitely leaning towards casual. really can’t say much for the shoes however, i’d still prefer to see the canvas kicks with this outfit… i suppose there would be a handful of bars here in dc that would bar you from admittance with rubber sole shoes, but who wants to be in such a place anyway?

  2. CYH says:

    You’re right, you could carry over the Jack Purcell’s from the previous outfit to this one. It’d still look cool, it would just be a bit more casual.

    The wingtips will look better than their image as they age. The more worn in they get, the cooler they should become. I agree that right now they look slightly too staid. Another option would be the suede McAlister boots (essentially just Clarks desert boots).

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